The initiative ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE gathers artists from all disciplines in order to organize campaigns in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people for its liberation.
Launched in Paris on August 2, 2014, it has taken an international dimension with associated artists based in Palestine as well as in Berlin, Rome, Athens, London, Madrid, Algiers, Beirut, Cairo, Tunis, Casablanca, New York, Bombay, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo…
More than 100 artists from all over the world are already supporting ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE which has expanded on the web through its Facebook page generating more than 10000 likes in less than one month.
We have launched our website on September 15, 2014, and our Twitter account.
On the web we publish dozens of artworks, photographs, films, music, and other contributions of signing artists.
ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE already represents an interesting database of the artworks about Palestine, easily accessible to all.

All artists who are interested can contribute by sending their name, first name, contact details, and indicating their consent to add their name to the list of signing artists, to the contact address mentioned below.
Send a high resolution (300 dpi) photo of the artwork you want to dedicate to the initiative; this can be a painting, drawing, photography, or a link to a cinematographic work, visual creation, music, text, or any other.
It will then be published through the communication channels of the ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE campaign.
This photo or link should be accompanied by a short text (10 lines maximum) with a technical description (name of the work, date, format/ size, duration, technique) and a presentation of the author and her/his approach, including a short comment on the proposed artwork.
According to the occasions, the signing artists can be solicited to exhibit the originals or reproductions of the artworks they have dedicated to the ARTISTS FOR PALESTINE campaign. They can be shown and/or sold in order to raise money for actions in solidarity with the Palestinians.
Any person (the title of an artist is not mandatory) can join the initiative or contribute in their way and according to their skills (translations, organization of events, etc…)
You are welcome to write us indicating your possible contributions via : via this contact form