Beirut. The Gaza Hospital, overstanding the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila, used to be avanguard health centre run by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and a key part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization revolutionary project. The Hospital witnessed and endured the Israeli invasion and the Lebanese civil war, being destroyed and later set up as a refugee camp. These days, the ten-floors-high building carries the marks and the bullets of its past over the facades. Many refugees, over the course of years of hostilities, have found this hospital as a place to settle down. Many were the International Volunteer health care workers, who helped the wounded and witnessed the horror and the destruction of those days. Those memories permanently marked their lives. With exclusive archive footage and the tales of Gaza Hospital people’s, we will draw an intimate narration of the events. Transformed into a vertical refugee camp, Gaza Hospital is a symbol that bears witness to a people’s struggle that will not give up.

15th Annual Arab Film Festival – San Francisco | Berkley | San Jose | Los Angeles
14th Istanbul International 1001 Documentary Film Festival
Religion Today Film Festival2011
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